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The Grace - 2437 Words Problem A Use the database shown in Figure P3.1 to work Problems 1-7. Note that the database is composed of four tables that reflect these relationships: †¢ An EMPLOYEE has only one JOB_CODE, but a JOB_CODE can be held by many EMPLOYEEs. †¢ An EMPLOYEE can participate in many PLANs, and any PLAN can be assigned to many EMPLOYEEs. Note also that the *:* relationship has been broken down into two 1:* relationships for which the BENEFIT table serves as the composite or bridge entity. Database name: Ch03_BeneCo Table name: EMPLOYEE EMP_CODE EMP_LNAME JOB_CODE 14 Rudell 2 15 McDade 1 16 Ruellardo 1 17†¦show more content†¦(Hint: Each store employs many employees, one of whom manages the store.) 12. Draw the ERD to show the relationships among EMPLOYEE, STORE, and REGION. Problem C Use the database Ch03_TransCo to answer Problems 19-24 Database name: Ch03_TransCo Table name: TRUCK TRUCK_NUM BASE_CODE TYPE_CODE TRUCK_MILES TRUCK_BUY_DATE TRUCK_SERIAL_NUM 1001 501 1 32,123.50 23-Sep-03 AA-322-12212-W11 1002 502 1 76,984.30 05-Feb-02 AC-342-22134-Q23 1003 501 2 12,346.60 11-Nov-03 AC-445-78656-Z99 1004 1 2,894.30 06-Jan-04 WQ-112-23144-T34 1005 503 2 45,673.10 01-Mar-03 FR-998-32245-W12 1006 501 2 193,245.70 15-Jul-00 AD-456-00845-R45 1007 502 3 32,012.30 17-Oct-01 AA-341-96573-Z84 1008 502 3 44,213.60 07-Aug-02 DR-559-22189-D33 1009 503 2 10,932.90 12-Feb-04 DE-887-98456-E94 Table name: BASE BASE_CODE BASE_CITY BASE_COUNTY BASE_AREA_CODE BASE_PHONE BASE_MANAGER 501 London Buckinghamshire 0181 123-4567 Andrea D. Gallager 502 Edingburgh Edingburgh City 0117 234-5678 George H. Delarosa 503 Best North Brabant 4567 345-6789 Maria J. Talindo 504 Blackrock Cork 3531 456-7890 Peter F. McAvee Table name: TYPE TYPE_CODE TYPE_DESCRIPTION 1 Single box, double-axle 2 Single box, single-axle 3 Tandem trailer, single-axle 13. For each table, identify the primary key and the foreign key(s). If a table does not have a foreign key, write None in the space provided. TABLE PRIMARY KEY FOREIGN KEY(S) TRUCK TRUCK_NUM BASE_CODE,TYPE_CODEShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Alias Grace By Grace Marks1758 Words   |  8 PagesIn Alias Grace, Grace Marks is a servant in the mid-1800s who performs chores and other household tasks for her employers. Throughout the book, Grace describes in detail the type of work she performs, and how she and her fellow coworkers are treated. A theme that more or less dominates the background of the novel is the apparent sexism of the mid-1800s. The women are considered too â€Å"weak† for the â€Å"tougher† jobs that were selected for men. However, it was not just a workplace issue; there is clearRead MoreEssay Grace Mark is Guilty in Alias Grace851 Words   |  4 PagesCanada, the novel Alias Grace tells the story of a young Irish-born servant girl who plans to kill her employer and his mistress. It is a very horrifying tragedy. An analysis of Grace Marks behavior reveals many things. Her actions in the novel show that she is guilty of t he murders of Thomas Kinnear and Nancy Montgomery. She plans with a man named James McDermott, hired help, to kill the love of her life and the mistress he is seeing. Alias Grace begins after a Grace has served eight yearsRead More Gays in the Media - Will and Grace is Only the First Step Essay1333 Words   |  6 PagesGays in the Media - Will and Grace is Only the First Step Bisexual. Gay. Lesbian. These are all words that in today’s society are becoming more and more common to hear. Although just a few years ago hearing these words might have shocked some and angered many, they are becoming a part of today’s norm. People are broadening their views on sexuality and the possibilities open to them. Being bisexual, gay, or lesbian is slowly becoming accepted. On television a few years ago, a comedicRead MoreAmazing Grace Essay795 Words   |  4 Pageschildren in Jonathan Kozols Amazing Grace. Who defines them as other? How? What makes them feel like nobodies? What makes them feel like somebodies? What is the role of religion in this daily struggle for human dignity? Drugs, violence, prostitution, pollution, infestation, and sickness of all kinds are present in South Bronx, New York. Unfortunately, children are surrounded and involved in all these problems and more. In Jonathan Kozol’s novel Amazing Grace, an evil reality full of racialRead MoreEssay on Amazing Grace1770 Words   |  8 Pages Jonathan Kozols Amazing Grace is a book about the trials and tribulations of everyday life for a group of children who live in the poorest congressional district of the United States, the South Bronx. Their lives may seem extraordinary to us, but to them, they are just as normal as everyone else. What is normal? For the children of the South Bronx, living with the pollution, the sickness, the drugs, and the violence is the only way of life many of them have ever known. In this book, theRead MoreEssay on The Analysis – Amazing Grace747 Words   |  3 PagesThe Analysis – Amazing Grace Kiel Carino ENG 125 Professor Olabisi Adenekan October 29, 2012 The Analysis – Amazing Grace The poetry â€Å"Amazing Grace† by John Newton is one of the most famous poems ever written and composed. â€Å"Amazing Grace† has been particularly influential and has affected lives since it was written. The reasons why â€Å"Amazing Grace† is influential are for the same reasons why I found this poem very interesting and engagingRead MoreSummary Of The Great Grace Hopper 1652 Words   |  7 PagesWu 1 Wei Wu Dr. Johnson Programming 2 May 25, 2015 The Great Grace Hopper New York City is the place where Grace Hopper was born. Hopper was born in 1906. During the time period of World War II, Grace Hopper joined the U.S. Navy. To program the Mark I computer was assigned to Hopper. After the war, Grace Hopper keeps working on computer science, she was the leader of the team which created the compiler of the first computer language, gave birth to the COBOL, a popular language. At the age of 60Read MoreEssay on Samuel by Grace Paley912 Words   |  4 PagesFrancis1 Samuel lessons learned The story â€Å"Samuel† by Grace Paley takes place on a moving subway headed towards the Bronx. The passengers introduce Samuel and friends as tough little boys that are not afraid of anything. â€Å"The boys are just being boys† is also used. Many of the passengers had opportunities to tell them to calm down or even to tell them to stop. This could of have prevented the death of Samuel. Some men relive their childhood through the boy’s and many of the ladies shakingRead MoreAmazing Grace by Jonathan Kozol690 Words   |  3 PagesAt first glance and after reading through Amazing Grace, it seems that Jonathan Kozol is going to take us on a journey through the lives of the underprivileged, but similar to the ones you read about, or hear in the news. However, this is not the case; the real underlying theme seems to be how the life and society they live in is very alike to a life in a prison, not because it talks explicitly about prison conditions in this area, but also because their lives are portrayed as being a prison. KozolRead MoreThe Song Of Amazing Grace By John Newton764 Words   |  4 Pages Amazing Grace is one of the most popular hymnals in history. This song was written over one hundred years ago by John Newton. It was created because of John discovering the beauty of God’s grace and why it is important. It was John’s testimony in form of a song however, many of us may be unaware of how John came up with the words to describe such God’s gift. John Newton was once a captain of a slave ship â€Å"One night while aboard a ship called â€Å"The Greyhound† he became face to face with a vicious

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Media Violence and Children - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 912 Downloads: 10 Date added: 2019/08/06 Category Media Essay Level High school Tags: Media Violence Essay Did you like this example? Media Violence and Children My first research article, Media violence, and children, written by ?ENG?–NL, Turhan explains the negative effects of media on children. This article also provides various scientific methods, studies, and theories related to the media and its influence on todays generation. I used the Social learning theory which is related to the main idea of this article. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Media Violence and Children" essay for you Create order According to the social Leaning Theory, people learn to behave and act by observing people and sources around them. For example, they learn to behave good and bad both by observing different kinds of people in their environment (Bandura, 1977). As this article focuses on the relationship between the media violence and the children, so it can be said that children develop aggressive behavior by observing violence in the media. Further, observational learning explained that media can impact children for a short and long period of time. Their regular contact with violent enhancing sources makes them aggressive that they look the rest world with an aggressive point of view. Various research studies provided evidence that children who spent their time watching violent movies and playing violent video games are likely to be more aggressive. According to the studies, television is seen as the most effective in contributing aggression in people. A study conducted for 2000 people in the United States revealed that the children from the ages of 8 to 18 spent 7 hours a day with media which means that the two third of people are exposed to TV viewing. (Rideout, Foehr and Roberts, 2010). Moreover, it is also replacing the enrollment of children in active, creative and various social activities. The studies showed the results as an increase in youths before and after the introduction of the television. (Joy, Kimball, and Zabrack, 1986). So, social learning theory and observational theories played a great role in describing the negative influence of media on adolescence. The Second Research article will explain the childrens behavior, habits, preferences and social environment. It was found that the invention of media sources has made children introvert. It explains that television, computer games, films and videos leave a short-term effect on arousal, emotions and aggressive behavior in children. It also describes that the media impacts the brain and the behavior of people. Many scientific theories and studies tried to know the relationship between the media violence and an increase in aggression in children. Neurologists and cognitive psychologists state that human memory functions as a network of various stimulants in the environment (Bartholow, Anderson, Carnagey et al., 2005). According to the scientific studies, at least 50% of the children spent their time while watching television instead of taking part in outdoor activities. It is only due to the introduction of media sources. Nowadays, television has become a major factor in socialization that influences the lives of children in urban and rural areas. It is found that boys are more aggressive than girls as they are more fascinated by their aggressive heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Children like their media heroes and perceive them as role models. With the arrival of mass-media and films, the number of crimes like assault, theft, sexual assault, and prostitution has increased. It explains that the development in media sources like computers, video recorders, smartphones, computer games, and the internet has attracted a vast number of the population towards it which means that it makes a gap from prosocial responsibilities. The real torture and murder scenes raise violent cults and terrorist guidelines. Moreover, the internet has become a source of pornography for todays generation (Groebel and Hinde, 1991). Many studies put forward the evidence that the children behave as same as they see on screens or observe in their daily lives. The Third article describes the results and some effective methods to control the strong bonding between the media violence and the youth. Here, it is examined the role of parents in monitoring their kids towards the media use and applying different strategies to break the relationship between media violence and adolescents. One of the most common childhood behavioral disorders is Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), that is characterized by loss of interest, hyperactivity, and impulsivity (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). This disorder leads one towards the academic failure, drug use and lost interest for society. The strong connection with violent entertainment media, for example, television and videos, films and video games cause the development of ADHD behavior (Kronenberger et al., 2005; Levine Waite, 2000; Zimmerman Christakis, 2007). Moving towards the role of parents to control this habituation of their kids for media, can set up rules for its use. The role of family is effective to control and understand the what media the child using and its results on their minds. Parental Mediation is seen the concerning factor for media and ADHD relationship. There are two types of Parental Mediation that are restrictive mediation (setting up rules for media use) and active mediation (talking about media content with children). The author described three ways to deal with the kids are punishment, being strict, and being supportive and make them understand about the negative effects of excessive use of media sources. So, here in this article, the studies focused on the development of psychological disorders due to the negative influence of media use. The aggressive behavior in the new generation can be controlled by setting up new strategies and rules about violent raising resources. Valkenburg and colleagues (2013). So, three of the discussed articles laid stress on the behavioral changes in children after exposure to the media violation.

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The Holocaust and Genocide Essay - 2354 Words

â€Å"Why is the killing of 1 million a lesser crime then the killing of one person?† (Scream Bloody Murder). Throughout history groups of people have been killed by ruling powers, but the unlawful acts went without title until recent events in the 1940Ê ¼s. The mass killings in Germany activated against the Jews created a new word, genocide. â€Å"Genocide refers to the widespread murder and other acts committed by governments or other groups with the intent to destroy - in whole or in part- a national, racial, religious or ethnic group† (Choices Program 1). This definition was placed by international governments, but the word was developed by a single man in response to the Holocaust. Grappling for a way to express the magnitude of the†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"The worldÊ ¼s foremost superpower, America, has almost never acted to stop a race of people from being exterminated, even when confronted with overwhelming evidence† (Rusesabagina 137). ItÊ ¼s hard to reach out in so many different areas, but itÊ ¼s also hard to see countries allowing genocide to continue when they could help end it. Many lives couldÊ ¼ve been saved if America had helped to end the Holocaust, but it chose to avoid the involvement. The world closed its eyes, closed its ears, and turned its back on what was happening (Rusesabagina 98). The Holocaust went on for years and people couldÊ ¼ve chosen to investigate, but instead they left it to its undoing. World War II and the Holocaust was the result of harsh conditions in Germany after the conclusion of World War I. The war â€Å"ended in disaster for the German nation...not only the economy, but the spirit of the country was destroyed by the Versailles Treaty of 1919† (Rossel 9). The rules set up for Germany were unfair because fault for war cannot be placed on a single country. More problems arose in the 1930Ê ¼s when the Depression spread. â€Å"By 1932 over three million Germans were out of work...More and more the military leaders looked to Hitler for an answer† (Rossel 17). They needed a leader, and HitlerÊ ¼s power in Germany was growing by using the peopleÊ ¼s pent up angerShow MoreRelatedGenocides And Genocides Of The Holocaust1455 Words   |  6 PagesGenocides Occurring After the Holocaust The Holocaust was a mass murder of millions of individuals’ primary to and during World War II. â€Å"Only 54 percent of the people surveyed by the Anti- Defamation League (ADL) in a massive, global poll has ever heard of the Holocaust† (Wiener-Bronner). The Holocaust was from 1933-1945 and was run by German leader named Adolf Hitler. Hitler was a man who wanted to create his own race of people. Therefore to create this race, he wiped out anyone who did not haveRead MoreThe Genocide Of The Holocaust885 Words   |  4 Pages The Holocaust genocide lasted for approximately 4,482 days. There were nearly twelve years of planning and organizing the extermination of Jews in Europe. For most of those years, nearly all surrounding countries did not partake in assisting the survival of these Jews. Why? Why was there such insufficient help from countries around the world while the Holocaust had been occurring? Had other countries stepped in sooner to provide safety and rescue for the Jews, how different would history be? Read MoreThe Genocide Of The Holocaust1541 Words   |  7 Pageshuman history has existed, genocide as existed along with it. Even though the term itself was not coined until the 1940s by Raphael Lemkin in response to the Holocaust, the act of genocide has been occurring for millennia. In 146 BCE the first recorded act of genocide occurred with the Roman destruction of Carthage According to the Genocide Convention, genocide is defined as â€Å"the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a nat ional, ethnical, racial or religious group†. Genocide happens for a multitudeRead MoreThe Genocide Of The Holocaust1313 Words   |  6 PagesGenocide is the destruction of an ethnic, racial, or religious group. The most famous genocide, conducted by the Germans, is the extermination of the Jewish population known as the Holocaust. There are other genocides such as the Armenian or Darfur genocide, but the Holocaust is the one talked about and studied the most around the world today. Museums exist in Washington D.C, Los Angeles, and parts of Europe that focus primarily on this dark time in history. Vast amounts of books, movies, and documentsRead MoreThe Genocide Of The Holocaust1881 Words   |  8 Pagesreligions for cultural differences. This horrible action is known as genocide and it has killed millions and millions of innocent people in our world. Genocide has happened many times throughout our history and one of the most well known is the Holocaust the deliberate killing of six million Jews. Sadly many people have witnessed genocide with their own eyes and wished they could have unseen it, such as Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor. A few years ago was another event called Darfur occurred whichRead MoreThe Genocide And The Holocaust1198 Words   |  5 PagesThere have been several genocides in the past century. The Cambodian Genocide and the Holocaust are two of the great tragedies of the twentieth century. The Holocaust occurred in Germany and Eastern Europe. The Cambodian genocide took place in Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge was an overwhelming communist force that took Phnom Penh by surprise. In Cambodia, â€Å"21% of the population was killed. That is about 1.7 million people that lost their lives† (â€Å"Past Genocides†). There was little commotion or outcryRead MoreGenocide And The Holocaust772 Words   |  4 Pages Genocide is one of the most tragic events that can happen around the world. Identifying the stages is the most crucial part of stopping these horrible acts. The Bosnian Genocide and the Holocaust could have been prevented or stopped if the 8 stages were properly identified . There are 8 stages of genocide and the first stage is Classification. Classification is putting people into groups based on race, ethnicity, and religion. These groups usually are separated into the superior people and the inferiorRead MoreThe Genocide Of The Holocaust1372 Words   |  6 PagesYailene Gaona 7th Period Genocide Have you ever wondered how would it be like to experience being killed because of your hair , skin, eye, color? If you had to be killed for any of that it would be called genocide? By genocide they mean destruction of a nation, race, religion, or ethnic group. For example, in 1933 The Holocaust was occurring. Adolf Hitler was the one who began an army of Nazi s and they were the ones that would target Jews. They placed all of the Jews in concentration campsRead MoreThe Genocide Of The Holocaust1823 Words   |  8 Pages Genocide Genocide a word that brings forth the morbid image of barbed wire fences, trenches overflowing with bodies, malnourished men, women, and children, a depressing black sky. Genocides definition is â€Å"the deliberate killing of people who belong to a particular racial, political, or cultural group† ( True to its name genocide is a word that has the ability to cause war and leaves a hellish vision in its victims. Despite all of this the seeminglyRead MoreThe Holocaust Genocide1325 Words   |  5 Pages The Holocaust is one of the most gruesome and inhumane events to ever happen in the history of the world. The Holocaust took place during World War II. WWII was one event that was categorized as strictly good vs evil. At the beginning of the war America wanted to remain neutral because we had just come out of WWI and were working on rebuilding our economy. The United States was successful in remaining neutral until Japan bombed Pearl Harbor early on the mo rning of December 7. 1941. The United States

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How Shakespeare Present the Wood in ‘a Midsummer Night’s Dream’ Essay Sample free essay sample

In Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ we see two of import scenes explored. the Athenian Court and The Wood. which introduce the slightly paralleled yet differing universes of the Athenian lovers and the faeries severally. The Athenian Court. a topographic point of order and emotional direction is in complete contrast to the supernatural Wood. in which Torahs of natural philosophies are defied. â€Å"creatures are swifter than the moon’s sphere† and animals can easy suit inside flowers. for illustration. The behaviour within the wood is by unwritten regulation. fickle. The predicament between the feuding Oberon and Titania is impacting the clime of the universe. the seasons have wholly changed because of their actions. for illustration. It is non merely the forest born animals who suffer the effort of irrational behaviour. as Helena demonstrates. Helena can non accept the fact that Dimitrius hates her and even presents her feelings as sim ilar to the attractive force of metal upon metal â€Å"But you draw non press ( ie magnetic ) . We will write a custom essay sample on How Shakespeare Present the Wood in ‘a Midsummer Night’s Dream’ Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I am steel ( pure and strong. True to him. as in pure. ) † . In the same sense she shows an about nonvoluntary reaction to his presence â€Å"Leave your power to draw† . about proposing there is nil she can physically make to halt the attractive force. She is drawn towards him. though she knows he is â€Å"hard hearted† like a lodestone ( known in this context as a magnetic rock. further endorsing up the point that he is like a magnet to her ) . except she claims to non be hard hearted. yet every bit â€Å"true as steel† . demoing her prospective devotedness When Dimitrius tells her that he hates her. †I love thee not† . Helena even claims that â€Å"Even for that. make I love thee more† . like every clip she is told she can non hold Dimitrius. the more she needs him. Her irrational behaviour reaches the point of entire dismissal of her Athenian heritage by the fact that she is willing to free of her cherished virginity ( in Athenian Law. and beyond. it was thought as cockamamie to get married a non virg in bride due to the liklehood that she would hold been pregnant and that the adult male would be forced. without cognition of the fact to raise a kid that is non his and a kid that would no uncertainty inherit his estate ) . Helena claims that her life is neer a â€Å"desert place† ( lonely ) when Dimitrius is about. and that â€Å"with the rich worth of her virginity† she was willing to allow Dimitrius handle her as if she is a â€Å"spaniel† ( noteworthy due to a spaniel’s trueness to its proprietor ) . This is interesting as it highlights the entire deficiency of regard for the Athenian jurisprudence in which they have merely departed from the appreciation of. Helena is willing to allow Dimitrius mistreat her â€Å"Spurn me. work stoppage me† and her deficiency of ego self-respect is to the full evident here. She even tries to ground with her wild behavior by claiming â€Å"It is non dark when I do see your face† . moreover. connoting Dimitrius is her â€Å"world† . Described by Puck. the Wood is the the â€Å"Forests Wild† . in other footings: a topographic point of mischievousness and finally. merriment. In comparing to the Torahs and somewhat suppression of Athens. Puck sees any errors as an alibi for arch behavior and jeer: â€Å"What fools these persons be† . Here is an wild society. where emotions are exposed. In Athens. life is rationalised: like the three options given to Hermia due to her reluctance to get married Dimitrius. The fairy universe. in contrast to Athens is non at all contained or managed ( like the alterations in seasons and the consequence of doing life a wretchedness for those outside of the wood. like a deficiency of winter festivals for the worlds this twelvemonth ) . The most simple difference in order is the deficiency of order within the wood and the about absolutism suffered within the walls of Athens- with Torahs that have to be obeyed. The wood becomes a topographic point of danger ( notice the battle between Helena and Hermia ) . The absolutism is replaced with the unleashing of overmastering feelings and potency for irrational behavior. where the norms of society are ignored ( ie Helena no longer caring for her virginity ) .

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Gaining a Competitive Edge

Gaining a Competitive Edge Abstract Business organisations operate in a highly competitive environment. Therefore, it is critical for business organisations to adopt strategies that improve their competitiveness. Companies strive to meet the needs of its stakeholders to remain competitive. Employee empowerment is one of the strategies that companies use to improve their competitiveness.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Gaining a Competitive Edge specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Employee empowerment increases employee motivation, which ultimately increases the productivity of the employees. Companies use various pricing strategies to ensure customers appreciate their products. Companies should not adopt strategies haphazardly. Successful strategies should take into consideration the unique needs and operating environment of the business organisation. Gaining a Competitive Edge Businesses exist for the sole purpose of satisfying the needs of thei r customers. Price and quality of a company’s products are the major factors that determine their competitiveness. Therefore, it is vital for businesses to harness the skills and abilities of its employees to ensure that they provide high quality services. In addition, companies should price their products favourably. There is a close relation between employee productivity and motivation. Highly motivated employees are more likely to have high productivity. Therefore, companies give special emphasis to the motivation of their employees. Organisations may use several means to motivate their employees. Employee empowerment is one the most common strategies that companies employ to motivate their employees. In addition, companies use various pricing strategies to improve their competitiveness. An efficient pricing strategy should not necessarily imply that organisations should offer low prices for their products. In some instances, offering low prices may reduce the competitiven ess of an organisation. Several successful companies use employee productivity and efficient pricing strategy to gain a competitive edge over their rivals. Business decisions form the foundation of various strategies that companies use to improve their efficiency. The decisions ultimately influence the competitiveness and profitability of the company. Therefore, it is critical for an organisation to have proper decision-making mechanisms. Progressive business leaders use employee empowerment, which incorporates subordinates of the organisation in decision-making. Empowerment increases the autonomy and discretion of employees in decision-making, and use of company resources that facilitate implementation of the decisions.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Sharing decision-making responsibilities within all levels of an organisation increases employees’ sense of ownership. In addition, empowerment increases the responsibility that employees have towards the outcome of company activities (Gitman McDaniel, 2008). Empowerment is a constituent of positive management, which is an optimistic psychological and leadership principle (Walters, 2010). Google’s market dominance is partially due to the company’s employee empowerment strategy. The company removed managerial hierarchies, which increased the freedom of its employees. Freedom increases the innovativeness of employees, which is critical competitive factor in the software development industry. Innovativeness increases Google’s competitiveness. Empowerment enables Google employees to take part in decision-making processes. In addition, removal of management hierarchies facilitated a faster decision making process. Companies launch new products from time to time. It is critical for a company to have an efficient pricing strategy to ensure that customers appreciate the pro ducts. This would facilitate market dominance of the product. There are four stages in the product life cycle. These include introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. Introduction is one of the most important stages in the product life cycle. Penetration pricing is one of the most common pricing strategies that companies employ in launching new products. Penetration pricing is a strategy where companies launch products with an initial entry price that is lower than the prevailing price of rival products. Low price of products provides the necessary incentive for customers to switch to the new products. Market penetration strategy reduces the short-term revenue and profitability of a company. However, in the long term, the companies reap huge financial rewards as they seize a huge market share (Havaldar, 2005). The huge financial rewards during the maturity stage of the product life cycle warrant the low price of the product during the introduction phase of the product life cycle (Kotler et al, 2010). Samsung uses penetration pricing to ensure gradual acceptance of the company’s products by customers. Efficient use of penetration pricing is one of the main factors that makes Samsung be the largest manufacturer of flat screen televisions. In addition, penetration marketing has facilitated the success of the Galaxy smartphone. On the other hand, Apple, Samsung’s main rival in manufacture of smartphones, does not use penetration pricing. Apple targets the acceptance of its products in key markets (Kapferer, 2012).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Gaining a Competitive Edge specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Companies use various strategies to gain a competitive edge over their rivals. Companies ensure that their employees are highly productive and consumers appreciate their products. Employee empowerment is one of the strategies that companies adopt to increase employee productivity. On the other hand, companies use penetrative pricing to ensure customers appreciate the company’s products. However, use these strategies does not guarantee the eventual success of the company. Companies should consider their unique needs and operating environment before adopting the strategies. References Gitman, L.J. McDaniel, C. (2008). The future of business: The essentials. Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning. Havaldar, K.K. (2005). Industrial marketing: Text and cases. New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill Education. Kapferer, J. (2012). The new strategic brand management: Advanced insights and strategic thinking. London: Kogan Page Publishers. Kotler, P., Lee, N., Farris, P.W., Bendle, N.T., Pfeifer, P.E., Reibstein, D.J., †¦ Reece, M. (2010). Upper Saddle River, NJ: FT Press Delivers. Walters, J. H. (2010). Positive management: Increasing employee productivity. New York: Business Expert Press.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More

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Ownership Structure and Financial Performance Essay

Ownership Structure and Financial Performance - Essay Example The paper talks about the measurement of the ownership structures with respect to financial performances and finally generates an understanding of US and UK based companies by distinguishing them on the basis of ownership identities and level of concentration. The development in corporate governance practices and regulations pertaining to disclosures of ownership are also discussed. Various measures of financial performance are highlighted and discussed in relation with the research topic. It has been concluded that ownership structure has an impact on financial performances, but with varying interests as there are other internal and external factors that may play a vital role in reducing or increasing productivity. It has been identified in this report that the relationship between ownership structure and financial performance of firms is not observed to have a similar trend in different countries. Corporate governance comprises of control mechanisms through which corporations are governed and directed to perform their duties effectively. The ownership structure needs to be directed by corporate governance because lack of transparency of ownership structure may have an adverse impact on financial performances. In other words, it can be said that ownership structure shows the types and compositions of different shareholders that have an influence on company’s key decisions areas so they need to be administered by corporate governance in order to carry out their processes in ethical and transparent manner. The purpose of this paper is to generate an understanding of the relationship of ownership structure and company’s performance. In this regard, investigation of UK and United companies is carried out in this paper.